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A severely malnourished Somali child displaced by drought lies on her mother's lap; she is one of 815 million under-nourished people in the world, a quarter of whom live in Africa
Pope Francis made a surprise visit to a medical centre for the poor and homeless in St Peter's square
Fotis Kafatos, distinguished Greek biologist, dies at 77Fotis Kafatos, a Greek molecular biologist who had a distinguished academic career in both the United States and Europe, dies at age 77
The Associated Press2 hours ago
Higher premiums for outpatient coverage for many on MedicareThe government says higher monthly premiums for outpatient coverage await many Medicare beneficiaries next year
The Associated Press7 hours ago
A coal-burning power plant steams behind wind generators in Gelsenkirchen, Germany while the 23rd UN Conference of the Parties (COP) climate talks end in Bonn, Germany, Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner)
Bonn climate talks end with progress despite US stanceNegotiators worked through the night on the technical details of the Paris climate accord before two weeks of global talks on climate change finally ended in Bonn
The Associated Press8 hours ago
American Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who once worked with Martin Luther King Jr for the cause of equal rights for African Americans, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
Station: Video shows nurses laughing as 89-year-old diesAn Atlanta television station says video secretly recorded in a nursing home in 2014 shows nurses laughing while they try to start an oxygen machine and an 89-year-old World War II veteran dies
The Associated Press19 hours ago
Medicare 'Part B' premiums to rise next year for manyMany Medicare beneficiaries will pay higher monthly premiums next year for outpatient coverage
The Associated Press21 hours ago
Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, Monday, Nov. 6, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
VA exploring idea of merging health system with PentagonThe Department of Veterans Affairs is exploring merging its health system with the Pentagon's as part of its effort to expand private health care
The Associated Press22 hours ago
Abuse victims say new attention should spur New York reformsNew Yorkers who were molested as children are counting on the national attention on sexual crimes to persuade state leaders to allow victims to sue over decades-old abuse
The Associated Press1 day ago
Student therapy dog can stay in sorority house amid disputeA university student's therapy dog has been allowed to stay in an Ohio sorority house until the courts sort out whether it needs to move because of another student's allergies
The Associated Press1 day ago
In Ethiopia, so-called girls' clubs in schools are helping break the taboo of talking about menstruation
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